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Create Signal Data for Simulation

Create input data to load into a model as simulation input

Create input data to load into a model as simulation input. You can create signal data in the MATLAB® workspace or use the Signal Editor block.


Signal EditorDisplay, create, edit, and switch interchangeable scenarios

Live Editor Tasks

Create SignalCreate signal in Live Editor


Signal EditorCreate and edit input signals


signalEditorStart Signal Editor
signalBuilderToSignalEditorImport signal data and properties from Signal Builder block to Signal Editor block
signalbuilder(Not recommended) Create and access Signal Builder blocks structure with NamespaceErrors field for objects

Classes data in format used by base workspace class for file type readers for Simulink interfaces such as Signal Editor data in MAT-file format data in format used by model workspace objects from different name space spreadsheet in format used by Signal Builder Simulink Design Verifier format data in MAT-file