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Discontinuous function blocks such as Saturation

Use blocks in the Discontinuities library to model elements of discontinuous-time dynamic systems, such as static and dynamic friction, hit crossings, and zones in which an input produces zero output.


BacklashModel behavior of system with play
Coulomb and Viscous FrictionModel discontinuity at zero, with linear gain elsewhere
Dead ZoneProvide region of zero output
Dead Zone DynamicProvide dynamic region of zero output
Hit CrossingDetect crossing point
PWMGenerate ideal pulse width modulated signal corresponding to input duty cycle (Since R2020b)
QuantizerDiscretize input at given interval
Rate LimiterLimit rate of change of signal
Rate Limiter DynamicLimit rate of change of signal
RelaySwitch output between two constants
SaturationLimit input signal to the upper and lower saturation values
Saturation DynamicLimit input signal to dynamic upper and lower saturation values
Variable Pulse GeneratorGenerate ideal, time varying pulse signal (Since R2020b)
Wrap To ZeroSet output to zero if input is above threshold