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User-Defined Functions

Custom function blocks such as MATLAB Function, MATLAB System, Simulink Function, and Initialize Function


Argument InportArgument input port for Simulink Function block
Argument OutportArgument output port for Simulink Function block
C CallerIntegrate C code in Simulink
Event ListenerAdd event port to a subsystem block
FcnApply specified expression to input
Function CallerCall Simulink or exported Stateflow function
Initialize FunctionExecutes contents on a model initialize event
Interpreted MATLAB FunctionApply MATLAB function or expression to input
Level-2 MATLAB S-FunctionUse Level-2 MATLAB S-function in model
MATLAB FunctionInclude MATLAB code in models that generate embeddable C code
MATLAB SystemInclude System object in model
Reset FunctionExecutes contents on a model reset event
S-FunctionInclude S-function in model
S-Function BuilderIntegrate C or C++ code to create S-functions
Simulink FunctionFunction defined with Simulink blocks
Terminate FunctionExecute contents on a model terminate event