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Add title to table in Model Advisor analysis results



    setTableTitle(ftObj,titleText) adds the title specified by titleText to the template object ftObj. The template object formats the Model Advisor analysis results.


    The function setTableTitle is for formatting Model Advisor analysis results with Simulink® Check™. For more information, see Simulink Check.

    For information on how to use tables in MATLAB®, see Create Tables and Assign Data to Them.


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    Create a Model Advisor formatting template and add a table title.

    Use ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate to create a Model Advisor formatting template ft of type 'TableTemplate'.

    ft = ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplate('TableTemplate');

    Add a table title to the Model Advisor formatting template ft.

    setTableTitle(ft, 'Title of the table');

    Use setTableTitle in a check callback function in your sl_customization file to format your results. For an example of how to use setTableTitle, see Format Model Advisor Results.

    For more information on how to format check results, see Display and Enable Check.

    Input Arguments

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    Template object, specified as a handle to the template object.

    Title text specifying the title of the table, specified as a character vector or a handle to a valid formatting object.

    Valid formatting objects:

    The title appears above the table. If you do not add data to the table, Model Advisor does not display the table or title in the result.

    Example: 'Table of fonts and styles used in model'