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Get bounds specified in Check block



bnds = getbounds(blockpath) returns the bounds specified in the Check block specified by blockpath.


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Retrieve bounds from a Check Step Response Characteristics block.

allBlkReq = getbounds('sldo_model1_stepblk/Step Response');

Type allBlkReq{1} to view the cell array element.

ans = 
  StepResponseEnvelope with properties:

         InitialValue: 0
           FinalValue: 1
             StepTime: 0
             RiseTime: 5
          PercentRise: 80
         SettlingTime: 7
      PercentSettling: 1.0000
     PercentOvershoot: 10.0000
    PercentUndershoot: 1
                 Type: '<='
                 Name: ''
          Description: ''
            TimeUnits: 'seconds'

Input Arguments

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Check block to get bounds from, specified as a full block path inside single quotes (' '). A block path is of the form model/subsystem/block that uniquely identifies a block in the model. The Simulink® model must be open.

Output Arguments

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The number of elements returned and objects they contain depends on the Check block type specified by blockpath.


Programmatically changing the bound values in the object returned does not update them in the Block Parameters dialog box.

Version History

Introduced in R2011b