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Response Optimization

Optimize model response to satisfy design requirements, test model robustness

Specify design requirements and optimize Simulink® model parameters in the Response Optimizer, or at the command line. You can optimize time-domain and frequency-domain design requirements simultaneously, using model verification blocks, or custom constraints and cost functions. You can also incorporate parameter uncertainty to test the robustness of your design. The software optimizes model parameters by formulating the design requirements as a constrained minimization problem, and then solves the problem using optimization techniques.

You can generate MATLAB® code from the app, and accelerate response optimization using parallel computing and Simulink fast restart.


  • Specify Design Requirements
    Add and edit design requirements, such as lower and upper amplitude bounds, step response characteristics, reference signals, and custom requirements
  • Optimize Model Response
    Specify design variables, progress plots and methods, speed up optimization using parallel computing and fast restart, incorporate parameter uncertainty for robustness testing