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Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze cost function sensitivity to model parameters using design of experiments (DOE), Monte Carlo, and correlation techniques

Use Sensitivity Analysis to evaluate how the parameters and states of a Simulink® model influence the model output or model design requirements. You can evaluate your model in the Sensitivity Analyzer, or at the command line. You can speed up the evaluation using parallel computing or fast restart. In the Sensitivity Analyzer, after performing sensitivity analysis, you can export the analysis results to the Parameter Estimator or Response Optimizer apps. To learn more about sensitivity analysis and its applications, see What is Sensitivity Analysis?


Sensitivity AnalyzerExplore design space and determine most influential model parameters


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Specify Parameter Space

sdo.ParameterSpaceSpecify probability distributions for model parameters
sdo.GriddedSpaceSpecify discrete grids of sample values for model parameters (Since R2023a)
combineCombine parameter spaces defined for sensitivity analysis (Since R2023a)
makedistCreate probability distribution object
truncateTruncate probability distribution object
setDistributionSet distribution of parameter in sdo.ParameterSpace object
addParameterAdd parameter to sdo.ParameterSpace or sdo.GriddedSpace object
removeParameterRemove parameter from sdo.ParameterSpace or sdo.GriddedSpace object
setValuesSet grid values of parameters in gridded parameter space (Since R2023a)

Generate Samples

sdo.sampleGenerate parameter samples for sensitivity analysis
sdo.scatterPlotScatter plot of samples
sdo.SampleOptionsParameter sampling options for sdo.sample
sdo.GriddingOptionsOptions for sampling gridded parameters with sdo.sample (Since R2023a)

Create Simulation Scenario

sdo.SimulationTestSimulation scenario description
setupConfigure simulation scenario and model for optimization and evaluation (Since R2024a)
restoreRestore simulation scenario and model to their previous state (Since R2024a)

Specify Time-Domain Requirements

sdo.requirements.SignalBoundPiecewise-linear amplitude bound
sdo.requirements.SignalTrackingReference signal to track
sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelopeStep response bound on signal
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneEllipseImpose elliptic bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneRegionImpose region bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals

Specify Parameter Requirements

sdo.requirements.FunctionMatchingImpose function matching constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.MonotonicVariableImpose monotonic constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.RelationalConstraintImpose relational constraint on pair of variables
sdo.requirements.SmoothnessConstraintImpose bounds on gradient magnitude of variable

Specify Frequency-Domain Requirements

sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitudeBode magnitude bound
sdo.requirements.ClosedLoopPeakGain Closed loop peak gain bound
sdo.requirements.GainPhaseMarginGain and phase margin bounds
sdo.requirements.OpenLoopGainPhaseNichols response bound
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatioDamping ratio bound
sdo.requirements.PZNaturalFrequencyNatural frequency bound
sdo.requirements.PZSettlingTimeSettling time bound
sdo.requirements.SingularValueSingular value bound
sdo.evaluateEvaluate cost function for samples
sdo.EvaluateOptionsCost function evaluation options for sdo.evaluate
sdo.OperatingPointSetupSet up steady-state operating point computation
sdo.getParameterFromModelGet design variables for optimization
sdo.getStateFromModelInitial state for estimation from Simulink model
sdo.getModelDependenciesList of model file and path dependencies
sdo.setValueInModelSet design variable value in model
evalRequirementEvaluate design requirement
sdo.analyzeAnalyze how model parameters influence cost function
sdo.AnalyzeOptionsAnalysis options for sdo.analyze


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