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Concurrent Execution with Multicore Target Computer

Real-time application and multicore target computer configuration for concurrent execution

Since R2020b, all Speedgoat® target machines are multicore computers that support concurrent execution of Simulink® Real-Time™ applications. Default concurrent execution applies implicit partitioning of each rate in the model into a task for concurrent execution. You can prepare a model for explicit partitioning and concurrent task execution by partitioning the model into:

  • Referenced models

  • Atomic subsystems

  • Stateflow charts

  • MATLAB Function blocks

Then, apply mapping of these partitions to execution tasks. By using explicit partitioning In this way, you can divide subsystems with a single rate among tasks in the real-time application for concurrent execution.


Concurrent execution with explicit partitioning of tasks is not supported by the Speedgoat Interrupt Setup block.


slrtTETMonitorOpen Simulink Real-Time task execution time (TET) monitor (Since R2020b)