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Import Infineon XML Parts Into Simscape IGBT and Diode Blocks

Since R2024a

This example shows how to automatically apply parameterizations from Infineon datasheets to tabulated IGBT (Ideal, Switching) and Diode blocks in Simscape™ Electrical™.

Model Overview

The InfineonIGBTHalfBridge model contains two IGBT (Ideal, Switching) blocks and two Diode blocks. These blocks form a half-bridge circuit that drives an inductive load.

Apply Infineon XML Part Data to Simscape Blocks

Use the ee_importDeviceParameters function to apply the XML files to the IGBT (Ideal, Switching) and Diode blocks.

Apply the AIKW40N65DF5_igbt.xml file into the IGBT (Ideal, Switching) blocks and the AIKW40N65DF5_diode.xml file into the Diode blocks. To apply parameterizations from Infineon datasheets, you must specify the switch-on and switch-off gate resistance values:

GateResistanceSwitchOn = 15; % Ohm 
GateResistanceSwitchOff = 15; % Ohm 

Choose the XML files you want to apply to the Simscape blocks:

igbtFileName = "AIKW40N65DF5_igbt.xml";
diodeFileName = "AIKW40N65DF5_diode.xml";

Load the model and specify the block paths:

modelName = "InfineonIGBTHalfBridge";
blockPathIGBTL = modelName + "/IGBT(L)";
blockPathIGBTH = modelName + "/IGBT(H)";
blockPathDiodeL = modelName + "/Diode(L)";
blockPathDiodeH = modelName + "/Diode(H)";

Use the ee_importDeviceParameters function to apply the data in the XML files to the blocks:

% IGBT(H) device.
ee_importDeviceParameters(igbtFileName, "infineon", blockPathIGBTH, ...
    GateResistanceOn=GateResistanceSwitchOn, ...
% IGBT(L) device
ee_importDeviceParameters(igbtFileName, "infineon", blockPathIGBTL, ...
    GateResistanceOn=GateResistanceSwitchOn, ...
% Diode(H) device
ee_importDeviceParameters(diodeFileName, "infineon", blockPathDiodeH, ...
% Diode(L) device
ee_importDeviceParameters(diodeFileName, "infineon", blockPathDiodeL, ...

Plot Simulation Results

Plot the voltage, current, conduction losses, and switching losses for the high-side IGBT and the low-side diode.


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