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Length of documents in document array



N = doclength(documents) returns the number of tokens in each document in documents.


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Find the number of words in an array of tokenized documents. Erase the punctuation characters so they do not get counted as words.

str = [ ...
    "An example of a short sentence." 
    "A second short sentence."];
documents = tokenizedDocument(str)
documents = 
  2x1 tokenizedDocument:

    7 tokens: An example of a short sentence .
    5 tokens: A second short sentence .

documents = erasePunctuation(documents)
documents = 
  2x1 tokenizedDocument:

    6 tokens: An example of a short sentence
    4 tokens: A second short sentence

N = doclength(documents)
N = 2×1


Input Arguments

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Input documents, specified as a tokenizedDocument array.

Output Arguments

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Document lengths, returned as a vector of nonnegative integers. The size of N is the same as the size of documents.

Version History

Introduced in R2017b