MATLAB and Simulink Training

Instructor-Led Virtual Training Support


Instructor-led virtual training is provided live and remotely by MathWorks instructors. You can access a digital copy of the course materials using Mimeo Digital. Webex facilitates interaction with the instructor and is used throughout the training for audio and video conferencing. ReadyTech is used for the virtual classroom environment, which includes pre-installed MATLAB and supporting software. During a mandatory system check led by the instructor prior to training, you will verify your access to Mimeo, Webex, and ReadyTech.

Recommended Setup

  • Computer: A primary computer (laptop or desktop) with a stable “high speed” internet connection (5 Mbps or above) is required. 
    • Speed test: Speedtest or nPerf
    • Professional-grade or home computers are adequate.
    • Tablets (e.g., iPads) should not be used as primary computers. However, they may be used to access digital material.
  • Monitor: A dual-monitor setup is highly recommended for ease of following class instruction, use of the software, and access to digital materials. Alternatively, you can use two computers connected to the internet.
  • Phone: Landline and computer audio calls are supported for the voice portion of the training. Use of a headset with a microphone or speaker is recommended.
  • Sound: Windows-supported stereo sound card with speakers
  • Browser: HTML5-friendly browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) with JavaScript enabled

MathWorks Support (for enrollment-related questions)

For system support (Mimeo, Webex, or ReadyTech), please refer to each corresponding section below.

Mimeo – Digital Materials

You will access your digital content for training through Mimeo Digital using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. When logging back in later (post-signup), simply visit the MathWorks Mimeo Digital page and use your login credentials. You may also download the mobile app via the iOSAmazon, or Google Play stores.

Helpful Information

  • For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser.
  • Due to restrictions with Internet Explorer, not all content can be made available offline. It is, however, accessible while you’re connected to the internet.
  • Please let the content download; it could take up to a full minute.
  • Access the content prior to the class and enable offline access to prevent any technical difficulties when onsite.
  • After 60 minutes of inactivity, you will receive a prompt asking if you are still there. If there is no response after five minutes, you will be logged out.
  • Printing of your digital materials is available, as well as one year of access.

For technical support, please contact a live agent through the 24/7 chat (located at the bottom right-hand corner of the MathWorks Mimeo Digital page).

Webex – Audio and Video Conferencing

Through the Cisco Webex Training Center you will be able to interact with your instructor, as well as view their screen. You will be provided with a Webex session link to use for the duration of the training.

Browser or App Connection

There are two methods to connect to Webex:

  1. Using the Webex desktop app
  2. Using the Webex web app within a browser

You can quickly test access to Webex from your network. Note: The test link is not the link for the class.

Teleconference Information

Webex provides three methods of connection, which are described in the table below.

Computer Audio (VoIP) I Will Call In Call Me
(for use with a good internet connection) (physical or “soft” phone) Enter a number at which you would like to be reached, then click “Call Me.”
A headset with a microphone is recommended.  
Toll-free dialing restrictions

Technical Support

For issues connecting to Webex, please contact Webex Support. Find more information on supported browsers and web app operating systems in the Webex Help Center.

ReadyTech – Virtual Classroom

Through this platform you will access a virtual machine running on Microsoft Azure®. You will receive an access code to log in to your virtual machine prior to training. Use the ReadyTech seat login page and enter the access code to reach the landing page during the system check and class. Once you access the virtual machine you will need to enter a user name and password, which will be provided along with your access code.

On the landing page, there are two options for connecting to the virtual machine:

  1. Using the Remote Desktop Connection app with the IP address provided on the landing page:
    • Windows: RDP is typically installed on the Windows platform.
    • Mac: Download RDP for Mac from the App Store.
    • Linux: Remmina is commonly used.
  2. Using the “Connect to Lab” button on the landing page to access the virtual machine directly from your browser; no additional software or installation is necessary

Two hours of on-demand time will be available for use throughout your training. This time can be used for any activity outside of the designated training start and end times prior to the last day.

Virtual Lab Support

Email ReadyTech Support or call one of the following numbers:

  • Americas: 510-834-3344, US toll free: 800-707-1009
  • APAC: 61-291-916448
  • EMEA: 31-858-880632


You will be able to access course files once training is complete. A user name and password will be provided by your instructor as necessary. Some specialized courses may have additional data files, which your instructor will provide during your class.