MATLAB and Simulink Training

Professional Education Services

Partner with MathWorks to develop engaging learning experiences.

Are you designing courses for the professional and continuing education markets? Have you considered offering more non-degree courses and pathways for learners needing to upskill or change career paths? We can help you create engaging, active learning environments using the latest tools and techniques from industry.

“One of the highlights of this program is the collaboration with MathWorks, which provided access to MATLAB Online as well as technical and user support. This partnership has helped us significantly improve the integration of MATLAB tools with the online content of our short courses and make the material more accessible.”

Marcello Canova, associate director for research and education, Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research

What We Do

  • Contribute knowledge based on over a decade of online curriculum development.
  • Provide training content to help learners meet basic MATLAB and Simulink prerequisites.
  • Ensure your program is utilizing the most current, vetted, and tested software.
  • Offer solutions that are scalable to support your program as it grows.
  • Supply training to instructors on MATLAB and Simulink.

“We could not be more pleased with the help and support we received from MathWorks. They enabled us to add a coherent, pedagogically integrated MATLAB component to our course and deliver it with minimal additional burden to our instructional staff.”

David C. Gossard, professor of mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Program Benefits

  • Streamline your course development to deliver courses more quickly.
  • Engage with a service team that will recommend cloud-based product integrations to help learners achieve their desired learning goals.
  • Build connections with industry while providing learners with in-demand career skills.
  • Access the latest versions of fully featured MATLAB and Simulink for your learners.