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System Composer for Architecture Modeling

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This one-day course focuses on developing and analyzing model-based architectures with System Composer™ and Simulink Requirements™. Topics include:
  • Identifying the role of architectural modeling in Model-Based Design
  • Creating functional, logical, and physical architectures
  • Associating and tracking non-functional properties in architecture elements
  • Analyzing architecture models for early requirement validation
  • Generating architecture visualizations

Day 1 of 1

Introduction to Model-Based Design

Objective: Introduce the concept of Model-Based Design and outline the advantages of System Composer.

  • Advantages of System Composer
  • Model-Based Design Process
  • Subsystem Implementation
  • Testing, Verification and Validation
  • Course Example Walkthrough

Working with Requirements

Objective: Articulate general attributes of requirements and capture requirements with Simulink Requirements.

  • Identifying and writing high-level requirements
  • Writing requirements
  • Creating requirement sets
  • Importing requirements

Logical System Architectures

Objective: Introduce the three main types of system architectures and build logical architectures.

  • Distinguishing between functional, logical and physical architectures
  • Creating logical architectures
  • Creating interfaces in System Composer
  • Linking Simulink models

Physical System Architectures

Objective: Discuss how to create variant and reference components, and how to use physical ports.

  • Creating physical ports in physical architectures
  • Adding reference architectures
  • Adding variant components

Capturing and Analyzing System Properties

Objective: Capture system properties for individual elements with stereotypes and leverage MATLAB® to analyze and aggregate these properties.

  • Introducing profiles and stereotypes
  • Creating and customizing stereotypes for elements
  • Creating stereotype properties
  • Analyzing system properties with MATLAB

Enhancing Architecture Traceability

Objective: Generate views, diagrams, allocations, and tracking requirements to enhance the digital thread of the project.

  • Generating hierarchical diagrams of architecture models
  • Highlighting specific paths, domains, and areas of responsibility in architecture models
  • Using sequence diagrams
  • Allocating between functional, logical, and physical architectures
  • Tracking requirement traceability

Level: Intermediate


Duration: 1 day

Languages: English, 日本語, 한국어

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