how to get a parameter fo a block while simulation?

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Good day. I've got a question: how can I get the output parameter of (any) block while simulation? For instance, I have the followng model: two reservoirs exchanging the defined amount of liquid (because the pressure in reservoir1 is 1000Pa while the pressure in reservoir2 is 0Pa). And, let's say, I want the subsystem turn into red once the reservoir1 is empty.
So I write the code for one of the callbacks for this subsystems. But which one to choose? LoadFcn? StartFcn? and what should I write inside? I thought sth like
RVolume = get_param('untitled/reservoir1/', 'volume'); while (RVolume > 0) set_param('untitled/reservoir1/','BackgroundColor', 'blue'); end set_param('untitled/reservoir1/','BackgroundColor', 'red');
but the reservoir block does not have such a parameter as 'volume', hence the error message shows up. Then I decided to know all the parameters of the reservoir block, so I typed
get_param('untitled/reservoir1/','ObjectParameters') in the main matlab window
that is the result: and I can not find the parameter
Name: [1x1 struct]
Tag: [1x1 struct]
Description: [1x1 struct]
Type: [1x1 struct]
Parent: [1x1 struct]
Handle: [1x1 struct]
HiliteAncestors: [1x1 struct]
RequirementInfo: [1x1 struct]
Ports: [1x1 struct]
Position: [1x1 struct]
Orientation: [1x1 struct]
PortRotationType: [1x1 struct]
ForegroundColor: [1x1 struct]
BackgroundColor: [1x1 struct]
DropShadow: [1x1 struct]
IOType: [1x1 struct]
NamePlacement: [1x1 struct]
ShowName: [1x1 struct]
Priority: [1x1 struct]
Commented: [1x1 struct]
AttributesFormatString: [1x1 struct]
InstantiateOnLoad: [1x1 struct]
PolySpaceEndComment: [1x1 struct]
PolySpaceStartComment: [1x1 struct]
AncestorBlock: [1x1 struct]
ReferenceBlock: [1x1 struct]
LibraryVersion: [1x1 struct]
UserDataPersistent: [1x1 struct]
UserData: [1x1 struct]
RTWdata: [1x1 struct]
HDLData: [1x1 struct]
Diagnostics: [1x1 struct]
DialogParameters: [1x1 struct]
IntrinsicDialogParameters: [1x1 struct]
CompiledSampleTime: [1x1 struct]
InputSignalNames: [1x1 struct]
OutputSignalNames: [1x1 struct]
ModelParamTableInfo: [1x1 struct]
StatePerturbationForJacobian: [1x1 struct]
SCDEnableBlockLinearizationSpecification: [1x1 struct]
SCDBlockLinearizationSpecification: [1x1 struct]
CopyFcn: [1x1 struct]
DeleteFcn: [1x1 struct]
UndoDeleteFcn: [1x1 struct]
LoadFcn: [1x1 struct]
ModelCloseFcn: [1x1 struct]
PreSaveFcn: [1x1 struct]
PostSaveFcn: [1x1 struct]
InitFcn: [1x1 struct]
StartFcn: [1x1 struct]
PauseFcn: [1x1 struct]
ContinueFcn: [1x1 struct]
StopFcn: [1x1 struct]
NameChangeFcn: [1x1 struct]
ClipboardFcn: [1x1 struct]
DestroyFcn: [1x1 struct]
PreCopyFcn: [1x1 struct]
OpenFcn: [1x1 struct]
CloseFcn: [1x1 struct]
PreDeleteFcn: [1x1 struct]
ParentCloseFcn: [1x1 struct]
MoveFcn: [1x1 struct]
BlockType: [1x1 struct]
BlockDescription: [1x1 struct]
LinkStatus: [1x1 struct]
StaticLinkStatus: [1x1 struct]
PortConnectivity: [1x1 struct]
PortHandles: [1x1 struct]
LineHandles: [1x1 struct]
CompiledPortWidths: [1x1 struct]
CompiledPortDimensions: [1x1 struct]
CompiledPortDataTypes: [1x1 struct]
CompiledPortComplexSignals: [1x1 struct]
CompiledPortFrameData: [1x1 struct]
DataTypeOverride_Compiled: [1x1 struct]
MinMaxOverflowLogging_Compiled: [1x1 struct]
Capabilities: [1x1 struct]
IOSignalStrings: [1x1 struct]
RuntimeObject: [1x1 struct]
ExtModeUploadOption: [1x1 struct]
ExtModeLoggingSupported: [1x1 struct]
ExtModeLoggingTrig: [1x1 struct]
FontName: [1x1 struct]
FontSize: [1x1 struct]
FontWeight: [1x1 struct]
FontAngle: [1x1 struct]
Selected: [1x1 struct]
MaskType: [1x1 struct]
MaskDescription: [1x1 struct]
MaskHelp: [1x1 struct]
MaskPromptString: [1x1 struct]
MaskStyleString: [1x1 struct]
MaskVariables: [1x1 struct]
MaskTunableValueString: [1x1 struct]
MaskCallbackString: [1x1 struct]
MaskEnableString: [1x1 struct]
MaskVisibilityString: [1x1 struct]
MaskToolTipString: [1x1 struct]
MaskVarAliasString: [1x1 struct]
MaskInitialization: [1x1 struct]
MaskSelfModifiable: [1x1 struct]
MaskDisplay: [1x1 struct]
MaskIconFrame: [1x1 struct]
MaskIconOpaque: [1x1 struct]
MaskIconRotate: [1x1 struct]
MaskPortRotate: [1x1 struct]
MaskIconUnits: [1x1 struct]
MaskValueString: [1x1 struct]
MaskRunInitForIconRedraw: [1x1 struct]
MaskTabNameString: [1x1 struct]
Mask: [1x1 struct]
MaskCallbacks: [1x1 struct]
MaskEnables: [1x1 struct]
MaskNames: [1x1 struct]
MaskPropertyNameString: [1x1 struct]
MaskPrompts: [1x1 struct]
MaskStyles: [1x1 struct]
MaskTunableValues: [1x1 struct]
MaskValues: [1x1 struct]
MaskToolTipsDisplay: [1x1 struct]
MaskVisibilities: [1x1 struct]
MaskVarAliases: [1x1 struct]
MaskWSVariables: [1x1 struct]
MaskTabNames: [1x1 struct]
MaskObject: [1x1 struct]
ComponentPath: [1x1 struct]
ComponentVariants: [1x1 struct]
ComponentVariantNames: [1x1 struct]
ClassName: [1x1 struct]
SchemaVersion: [1x1 struct]
press: [1x1 struct]
press_unit: [1x1 struct]
init_volume: [1x1 struct]
init_volume_unit: [1x1 struct]
ret_diam: [1x1 struct]
ret_diam_unit: [1x1 struct]
loss_coeff: [1x1 struct]
loss_coeff_unit: [1x1 struct]
fluid_volume_Log: [1x1 struct]
flow_rate_ret_Log: [1x1 struct]
flow_rate_tank_Log: [1x1 struct]
pr_loss_ret_Log: [1x1 struct]
power_loss_Log: [1x1 struct]
LocalVarNames: [1x1 struct]
LocalVarDescs: [1x1 struct]
LocalVarLogging: [1x1 struct]
In fact, localvarnames shows me 'volume' as one of the parameters. but I cannot call it like
as it says there is no such a parameter named 'volume'
So please help

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Konstantin Rubin
Konstantin Rubin on 14 Jan 2014
guys, please help. I am sure that is an easy question for you.



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