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Matlab editor - how do I change where the editor automatically enters carriage return

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Eddie on 3 Feb 2014
Commented: Eddie on 4 Feb 2014
2011b This should be simple, but I cant find where I change the number of columns the matlab editor uses to trigger the auto-carriage return insertion when typing comments.

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Shivaputra Narke
Shivaputra Narke on 4 Feb 2014
Hi, I think following path will definitely solves your problem, Matlab->File->Preferences->Editor/Debugger->Display->Language then check comment formatting
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Eddie on 4 Feb 2014
You are correct! Yes, I went to Display instead of Language last time. The field "Maximum column width" does the trick!

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Eddie on 4 Feb 2014
Hi Shivaputra
I went to Matlab->File->Preferences->Editor/Debugger->Display and I set the "right hand text limit" to 95, but matlab still inserts a CR at 76. When I checkbox the "show line", its definitely out there at line 95, yet text still wraps at 76.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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