How do I extract multiple vectors of different lengths from a single vector?

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I have a noise signal generated from a power supply rail that crosses zero at about 118 points. I want to extract vectors of the data from one negative zero crossing to the next to separate them out. They are from a PRBS7 pattern and I want to make multiple patterns from the one pattern by randomizing the order of the vectors.
My initial attempt to extract the vectors (Doesn't work because they are different lengths)
*ivddx is the noise vector, v is the vector that contains the zero crossing indices of ivddx
for i = 1:k
if i==1
elseif i==k

Answers (1)

Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 24 Feb 2014
You should store each extracted vector in a cell array. The elements of a cell array do not care if they are different lenths:
>> a{1} = [1]
a =
>> a{2} = [2 2]
a =
[1] [1x2 double]


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