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How to use xlswrite in an Excel add-in?

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Nebitno on 7 Mar 2014
Commented: Jan Eikeset on 15 Jul 2016
I am using EX Builder to make an Excel add-in. The add-in should read an m x n matrix from the sheet and write down an m x 3 matrix of outputs. Now, I am OK with the first part which consists of using the xlsread function. However, I am having an issue using the xlswrite function which cannot write into an opened workbook. Is there a way to work around this problem?
Many thanks!
P.S. I did try to include a piece of code which closes the workbook before applying xlswrite. This works when I run my m file in Matlab, however it still does not work when I build an Excel add-in.
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Jan Eikeset
Jan Eikeset on 15 Jul 2016
Has anybody found an answer to this question? I find myself in a similar situation.

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