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How to pause execution of program until a keypress

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Hi, I have two parts in my Matlab program and I want to pause first part until keypress event by user. I searched to pause function and found waitforbuttonpress. However I do not know how to use it. Can anyone suggest a good method to pause until a keypress or a specific keypress (y or Y) etc.? Thanks.

Accepted Answer

Sagar Damle
Sagar Damle on 12 Mar 2014
Use function 'pause'. e.g.
a = 20;
b = 40;
disp('Press a key !') % Press a key here.You can see the message 'Paused: Press any key' in % the lower left corner of MATLAB window.
Just for information : If you want to terminate your MATLAB program abruptly,you can use 'Ctrl+C'
key combination.The same method is used to terminate a command in 'Command Prompt'.
Similar commands in Command Prompt and MATLAB-
pause,echo on,exit,ver

More Answers (2)

nl2605 on 12 Mar 2014
the command 'pause'. It pauses the program until keypress.

Davide Rambusi
Davide Rambusi on 30 Nov 2016
is there a faster way? in my case, I have to run my code 200 times, and at some point, it gets really slow. I checked with the profile command, and it seems that pause could be the problem
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 30 Nov 2016
A faster way to wait an arbitrary amount of time until the user presses a key? No.
If you show your code (perhaps as a new question) we may be able to offer suggestions how to improve the performance of your code and avoid whatever is causing your code to take more time with each iteration.

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