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Armando  Perez
Armando Perez on 19 Mar 2014
Answered: julian tuyin on 1 Jun 2016
I want to use an ASUS XTION PRO LIVE device with Image Acquisition Toolbox and Image Processing Toolbox.
I have already installed KinectSDK and KinectDeveloperToolkit but it doesn´t work with ASUS XTION PRO LIVE.
When I use Image Acquisition Toolbox, my device doesn´t appear in the hardware brownser.
Anybody knows how to do that?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (5)

Shankar Subramanian
Shankar Subramanian on 8 Apr 2015
Hi Erik and others,
ASUS Xtion PRO is not supported by Image Acquisition Toolbox. The Kinect adaptor supports only Microsoft Kinect for Windows Sensor ( Kinect for Windows Support Package )

arash on 20 Nov 2014
Did you find Any Solution?

Ana Gerós
Ana Gerós on 10 Feb 2015
I have the same doubt. I've installed all the KinectSDK (1.7) and the installation package of the camera. However, when I innitialize Matlab and call for info = imaqhwinfo('kinect'); what I get is:
info =
AdaptorDllName: 'C:\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2014a\kinectruntime\adaptor\win64\mwkinectimaq.dll'
AdaptorDllVersion: '4.7 (R2014a)'
AdaptorName: 'kinect'
DeviceIDs: {1x0 cell}
DeviceInfo: [1x0 struct]
That means that I have not a device connect.
What should I do? Does anyone can help me?
Thank you*
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Alaa hejer
Alaa hejer on 18 Feb 2015
Hi every one could help me I have the same problem

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Erik S.
Erik S. on 18 Feb 2015
Does it help to install the software packages for usb webcams and OS generic video interface?

julian tuyin
julian tuyin on 1 Jun 2016
the only way i've found is:
but its a bit complex it just works on matlab 2010b or 2010a patched with this, i had to install visual studio 2010 expreess and windows sdk,
and finaly change mxniupdatecontext.cpp on line 24, with:
after that it works good.
i hope matlab supports this soon....

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