Newton's forward difference

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amanda on 16 Apr 2014
Answered: Raghvendra Kumar on 7 Jul 2020
How do i write a function forward_differences with the following description to construct Newton's forward difference table?
function T = forward_differences(Y) %FORWARD_DIFFERENCES Newton's forward differences % T = FORWARD_DIFFERENCES(Y) returns Newton's forward difference table. % Note that the forward difference table is laid out in the matrix T as: % y0 % y1 del y0 % y2 del y1 del^2 y0 % y3 del y2 del^2 y1 del^3 y0 % etc. %The rest of the matrix T is zero.

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Raghvendra Kumar
Raghvendra Kumar on 7 Jul 2020
You can take a look the at following answer for a similar kind of question or can go through the following Matlab codes for Newton's Forward Interpolation.


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