How to change Tab order of panel of my gui?

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T on 17 Apr 2014
Commented: Jesus Fuenmayor on 6 Jan 2019
I've created a GUI using guide. I've added 6 panels on the GUI. I now want to change the tab order of the panels. I found I can change the tab order of elements inside each panel using 'Tab order editor' of guide but how to do the same for the panels themselves?
eg. each panel ( pA, pB, pC...) have three edit boxes each. I want to change the order so that on pressing the tab key, edit boxes in pB get focused first, then the ones on Pd, then pA and so on as I want
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Amelia van Leeuwen
Amelia van Leeuwen on 7 Feb 2018
Hi, I'm having the same problem, did you ever figure out a solution? Thanks.

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Answers (2)

Jefferson Pérez
Jefferson Pérez on 13 Feb 2018
Hello. I've found the solution on this site:!topic/comp.soft-sys.matlab/vlwz1TouDYs
I think it is too late now but maybe I can help a few fellows.
Open your GUI in GUIDE. The "panel tab order" is exactly the order of the panel objects in the object browser window (View >> Object Browser).
As far as I know there is just one way to rearrange the order: Right click them and use "bring in front" and "send to back". Unfortunately, this throws them to the top most or bottom position, but it is possible to arrange them."
You need "SEND TO BACK" the panels in the inverse order you want to. You can then rearrange in the correct order. It worked for me.

nl2605 on 17 Apr 2014
This link should be helpful to you. Contains links to files that might help.
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T on 17 Apr 2014
er..I don't want a tabbed panel, all i want is to change the order in which the panels get focused when a user presses the tab key on the keyboard

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