How to change simulink coverage settings in script?

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Mark on 23 Apr 2014
Answered: Mark on 2 Apr 2015
Hi, how can I change for a model simulink coverage settings using script? some set, set_params, etc.? Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Mark on 2 Apr 2015
The solution is:
set_param(gcs, 'CovHtmlReporting', 'off');
set_param(gcs, 'CovModelRefEnable', 'off');
set_param(gcs, 'CovExternalEMLEnable', 'off');

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Philipp Maier
Philipp Maier on 12 Jun 2014
I have not done this myself, but I recommend looking at the Use Coverage Commands in a Script documentation. The example illustrates how setupCmd is used on test objects to load settings using the command line.
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Mark on 13 Jun 2014
there is a possibility to run cvtest with specific test options. but setting in the model remain the same. so user can run simulation only using the scripts, and not using simulink GUI.

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