how to say a number in the title

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Sameer on 13 May 2014
Answered: nl2605 on 13 May 2014
'Probability greater than swtNPVProb(i,1)'
i is the loop variable. how do i get it to say the number associated with the variable in each loop, and report that number to the screen?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 May 2014
title(sprintf('Probability greater than swtNPVProb(%d,1)', i))
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Sameer on 13 May 2014
that did not work. I am trying to create a loop with this vector:
swtCI = [.99 .95 .50 ]';
and i want the title to output to the screen these numbers, instead of swtCI(i,1).
i used disp('Upper Bound for swtCI(i,1)'); but that just gives me swtCI(i,1)

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Sagar Damle
Sagar Damle on 13 May 2014
Try this -
swtCI = [.99 .95 .50 ]';
for i = 1:length(swtCI)
disp(['Upper Bound for ',num2str(swtCI(i,1))]);
This is because,disp() requires its all arguments of same datatype.

nl2605 on 13 May 2014
title(['Probability greater than swtNPVProb(',num2str(i),',1)']); However, in the same plot the last value would appear.

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