difference between imhist and histfit

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Soum on 16 Jul 2014
Answered: Raghvendra Kumar on 7 Jul 2020
I applied the wavelet transform on series of images, then I tested the distribution of their coefficients by plotting the histogram of them I used imhist but I didn't get a normal distribution then histfit and it gave me a normal distribution is this means that histfit forced the coefficients to be normal or what?
If you have an explanation I'm waiting for it,or any suggestion to study the coefficients distribution
Thank you

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Raghvendra Kumar
Raghvendra Kumar on 7 Jul 2020
histfit(data) plots a histogram of values in data using the number of bins equal to the square root of the number of elements in data and fits a normal density function.
imhist(I) calculates the histogram for the grayscale image I. The imhist function returns the histogram counts in counts and the bin locations in binLocations. The number of bins in the histogram is determined by the image type.
For more information please go through following documentation :

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