Using Basic Fitting and Data Statistics Functions

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Hi, so just running a basic plot function and then when I get the plot, I want to be able to use the Basic Fitting and Data Statistics which I had for several previous plots doing the same thing, but those two functions are now completely greyed out. I know that there is a similar question on here already, but I tried checking those settings and mine were already to the specs that the team member specified.

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das on 14 Oct 2021
The ability to use the Basic Fitting and Data Statistics tools is not available in MATLAB when only the default set of menus is available.
To work around this limitation, you can set the HandleVisibility property of the GUI to 'on' and the MenuBar property of the GUI to 'figure'. This can be achieved by following the steps bellow:
1. Right-click on your FIG file and choose 'Open in GUIDE'
3. Change the propety 'HandleVisibility' from 'callback' to 'on'.
4. Set the property 'MenuBar' to 'figure'




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