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Can't install on Ubuntu 21.04

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Matthew Slatosky
Matthew Slatosky on 31 Aug 2021
When attempting to install on Ubuntu 21.04 I am hitting maybe road blocks.
sudo ./install will run the installer but I can't interact with the installer window if I want to choose anything but a default. This means once I reach the point where I enter the login name I can't enter any text.
.install on it's own auto populates the login name but obviously won't work because I need super user to write the files.
I manually created and activation files using the website but the installer will not allow me to change to file key installation. Clicking the menu item does nothing.
Do I have any other options?

Answers (2)

Kiran Felix Robert
Kiran Felix Robert on 20 Sep 2021
Hi Matthew,
Ubuntu 21.04 is currently not a supported Operating System as of MATLAB R2021a.
Developers are aware of this issue, and may consider addressing this in a future release of MATLAB.
For a list of supported Operating Systems, please see the following documentation page:

Wilhelm Kirchgässner
Wilhelm Kirchgässner on 27 Oct 2021
Edited: Wilhelm Kirchgässner on 27 Oct 2021
Same here. On Ubuntu 21.04 I can only type into textfields by pushing the matlab window into active through ALT+TAB, but as soon as I click on the window, keyboard input seems to be blocked. When you let the window untouched though, you can further maneuver through the text fields by repeatedly pressing TAB.
thanks to Matthew Slatosky, switching to xfce (xorg windowing system) has helped me completing the install, too
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Matthew Slatosky
Matthew Slatosky on 27 Oct 2021
I was able to get it installed by switching xfce to do the install and switching back when it was done.

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