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10x10x15 matrix integration.

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Dear All
I have data composes of A=10x10x15 matrix (attached). I want to integrate this data over X and Y axis. Each axis is also 10x10x15 matrix (attached data). How to do it?
Equation is integral of A.*X.*Y.*A over X and Y.
Thanks a lot

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 Sep 2021
What are ‘X and Y axis’?
I would use trapz and approach it as:
AXY = A.*X.*Y.*A;
Xint = trapz(AXY,1); % Integrate Columns (Dimension 1)
Yint = trapz(AXY,2); % Integrate Rows (Dimension 2)
Xintsq = squeeze(Xint)
Yintsq = squeeze(Yint)
This gives ‘Xint’ as a (1x10x15) matrix and ‘Yint’ as a (10x1x15) matrix. After the squeeze calls, they are both (10x15) matrices.
Alternatively, do successive integrations:
XYint = trapz(Xint);
producing a (1x15) vector.
Experiment with this approach to get the result you want (since I have absolutely no idea what that is).

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