Doesn't the GPU Coder support singleton expansion of ARRAYFUN?

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I have a question about SINGLETON EXPANSION for ARRAYFUN on GPU.
For gpuArrays, @times with ARRAYFUN and direct calculation on M-file both work fine.
However, MEX generated by GPU Coder from a code using ARRAYFUN does not seem to perform SINGLETON EXPANSION well.
Doesn't the GPU Coder support SINGLETON EXPANSION of ARRAYFUN?
Sample code
function Y = arrayfuntest(m,X) %#codegen
Y = arrayfun(@times,m,X);
%Y = m.*X;
Code generation for ARRAYFUN
Code generation for a direct operation
Preparation of arrays
m = gpuArray(single([1;-1;1]))
X = gpuArray(rand(3,'single'))
Execution with M-file
Y = arrayfuntest(m,X)
MEX Generation
cfg = coder.gpuConfig('mex');
nChs = 64;
datatype = 'single';
aM = coder.typeof(gpuArray(cast(0,datatype)),[nChs 1],[1 0]);
aX = coder.typeof(gpuArray(cast(0,datatype)),[nChs nChs],[1 1]);
cfg.DynamicMemoryAllocation = 'Off';
cfg.GenerateReport = true;
codegen -config cfg -o arrayfuntest_mex arrayfuntest.m -args { aM, aX }
Execution with MEX-file
Y = arrayfuntest_mex(m,X)

Accepted Answer

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 2 Oct 2021
Support for dimension expansion is actually restricted to the GPU version of arrayfun, and GPU Coder supports the CPU version's syntax. So the answer is no, it doesn't support dimension expansion.

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