Bar plot error when plotting

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chiefjia on 25 Sep 2021
Commented: Ive J on 26 Sep 2021
Dear MATLAB experts,
I'm trying to create a bar plot with the column 'position_holder' in the x axis and the column 'percentage' in the y axis.
I want to only plot the first 20 rows of this two columns, but even if I explicitly create a new table with these 20 rows, MATLAB keeps on plotting all rows included in the position_holderFrequency table, when it should just be including the 20 rows from position_holderFrequencyHead.
Therefore, the plot created is all over the place and not useful at all (see attachment). I don't know if this is a problem from MATLAB itself or there is something wrong in the code written, but I would really be thankful for your guidance.
Thank you in advance.
% Plot the histogram for column 'position_holder'
figure('Name', 'Frequency of Appearance of position_holder', 'NumberTitle', 'off');
position_holderFrequency.position_holder = categorical(position_holderFrequency.position_holder);
% Need to create a new table because bar is not able to process only the
% first 20 rows
position_holderFrequencyHead = position_holderFrequency(1:20, [1 3]);
bar(position_holderFrequencyHead.position_holder, position_holderFrequencyHead.percentage);
title('Distribution of position_holder Frequency')

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Accepted Answer

Ive J
Ive J on 26 Sep 2021
Edited: Ive J on 26 Sep 2021
The main problem is that your tick labels are too long to fit under the axes. You can try something like this:
figure('Name', 'Frequency of Appearance of position_holder', 'NumberTitle', 'off');
% data = position_holderFrequency(1:20, [1 3]);
data = table(["Marshall Wace LLP";"BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited";"AQR Capital Management, LLC";"Citadel Europe LLP";"BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, National Association";"WorldQuant, LLC";"MARSHALL WACE LLP";"Millennium International Management LP";"JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd";"GLG Partners LP";"GSA Capital Partners LLP";"Citadel Advisors LLC";"WorldQuant LLC";"AKO Capital LLP for AKO Master Fund Limited";"Adage Capital Management L.P.";"Capital Fund Management SA";"Oxford Asset Management";"AHL Partners LLP";"ODEY ASSET MANAGEMENT LLP";"TT International"], [12.4109;4.87476;4.17665;2.50779;2.35796;2.16306;2.14916;2.05453;2.02674;1.88817;1.71693;1.35153;1.19794;1.05712;1.0267;0.989898;0.979383;0.959856;0.953096;0.823538], 'VariableNames', {'position_holder', 'percentage'});
h = bar(data.percentage);
h.Parent.XTick = 1:size(data, 1);
h.Parent.XTickLabel = data.position_holder;
h.Parent.XTickLabelRotation = 35; % rotate labels
h.Parent.XAxis.FontSize = 7; % reduce font size fo better visualization
You may want to also use some acronyms in this case.
Ive J
Ive J on 26 Sep 2021
My pleasure!

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