fill inside a specific boundary in bw image using poly2mask is not accurate

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adi on 20 Aug 2014
Commented: Guillaume on 20 Aug 2014
I have written the following code to delete a specific boundary using poly2mask:
function newBW = fillBoundery(B,bounderyNum,bw)
newBW = bw;
[m,n] = size(bw);
x = B{bounderyNum,1}(:,2);
y = B{bounderyNum,1}(:,1);
reg2del = poly2mask(x, y, m, n);
a = newBW(reg2del);
newBW(reg2del) = deal( ~a(1,1) );
where bw is the bw image, B is a boundary cell produced with bwboundaries, and bounderyNum is the index of the boundary in B that we want to fill.
this code works with one problem: the boundary is not fully filled. for example I have this bw:
and when I run
newBW = fillBoundery2(B,2,BW);
( 2 is the boundary of the smaller object) I get this:
how do I get a more accurate selection of the region inside a boundary, using this method or a different one?
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Guillaume on 20 Aug 2014
Are you trying to remove the boundary around the object or do you want to remove the whole object?

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