how to change the font size in a plot (only for the axes numbers)?

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as you can see in the attached image i need to change only the size of the numbers not the title or the colorbar how can i do this? thank you
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rucha k
rucha k on 28 Jun 2018
How do I resize fonts of scope (xy axes labeling fonts, numbers on axes, etc) in MATLAB 2015a?

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Accepted Answer

Ben11 on 22 Aug 2014
Use the 'FontSize' property of the current axes:
Adam on 22 Aug 2014
Be sure to add the title before setting font size. If you change font size then add the title it will be in the font size you just set. Though you can change it again afterwards.

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Adam on 22 Aug 2014
If you search for 'tick labels' or something similar, in the file exchange there are numerous options that replace the tick labels locked into the axes font size with text objects that can be manipulated independently.
I can't vouch for any particular one as I have never used any of them though.


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