What's the best format to export figure?

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John on 22 Aug 2014
.jpg, etc... doesn't seem to be good format for "word" to publish. How to export or print the figures in good, better scale-able, format?
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José-Luis on 22 Aug 2014
What sort of figure is it? If it is just lines, things should scale well with .svg or similar. If you have an image then using a vector format is maybe not a good idea. Then I would just increase the resolution of the exported figure so it looks better.

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Answers (3)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 22 Aug 2014
I'd use export_fig() and save them as PNG files.
Tobias Nelson
Tobias Nelson on 19 Jun 2020
After looking everywhere for stuff to use to save my figure containing an imagesc plot, exportgraphics did exactly what I wanted too. I didn't have to do any addition things to keep the background color for the plot black! Thanks!

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Juan Medina
Juan Medina on 3 Feb 2018
.bmp or bitmap shows better quality than png when imported into Word.
It is more obvious in Word than it is here but try it out and see for yourself! (.bmp at top .png at bottom)
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jun 2020
It's not obvious to me. Tell us what to look at specifically. They look identical except that the BMP one is a little narrower horizontally. Also, attach the files if you can with the paper clip icon.

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Ben11 on 22 Aug 2014
Edited: Ben11 on 22 Aug 2014
Look at the print function, with which you can export figures in eps or pdf format which are quite good.
José-Luis on 22 Aug 2014
.eps and Word don't play well together.
Jan on 23 Aug 2014
Edited: Jan on 23 Aug 2014
EPS and Word play together excellently. The only problem is the display on the screen, when you embed a low-resolution TIFF in the EPS. But if you print the document to paper or to a PDF, the result is perfect - when the Painetrs renderer was used.

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