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Exporting data from simulink to workspace and save in different Timeseries

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Hey everybody!
I have a simulink model and i want to change one parameter (z) in the model to check whats is the influece of this parameter. I have a simout to workspace block in my model (sout)
So for this i made a for loop ...........
for z=1:1:10
sim ('model')
plot(sout) %%sout is the simout variable (Timeseries)
hold on
From this i get the plots of the different values of z but the problem is, that i only get the timeseries in the Workspace for z=10.
Matlab doesn't save the other Timeseries fot z=1, z=2 and so on. So how can i geht them ?
Thanks a lot !

Answers (1)

Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang on 30 Aug 2014
Hi Klaus
You could set the model to log the signals and compare the results using the Simulink Data Inspector, see the following for more details.
- Yu Jiang


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