How do I show relative frequency on histogram?

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Okay, I am supposed to make 1000 random values between 1 to 10 and plot them on the histogram to show the relative frequency.
Also my nbins must be 50
I have..
data=rand(10.*rand(1000,1)+1) hist(data,50)
It puts data on the histogram, but how do I show the relative frequency?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 8 Sep 2014
The relative frequency is the absolute frequency normalised by the total number of events. In your particular situation, you would get the relative frequency for each bin by dividing the empirical frequencies in each of your bins by 1000.

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Ben11 on 8 Sep 2014
The relative frequency is supposed to show up on the y-axis...
what about this:
clear all
data= 10*rand(1,1000);
JK on 8 Sep 2014
Yea I got something like that too, but I think it just shows how many times it created on the y axis
I am trying to show something like percentage. For example, if matlab created 200 of 1s, out of 1000, then it should show 0.20 on y axis and 1.0 on x axis.
Ben11 on 8 Sep 2014
oh ok I see what you mean; I got the relative frequency and relative count confused my bad.

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