How to automatically continue running the program after an error.

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The problem I'm having is currently with the GMM fit model. but it's rather general. during the run of my program GMM sometimes gives the error of ill conditioned matrix and breaks the code. Now my code is in a long loop with a counter. what I'm doing right now is to manually reset the loop counter in the code body to the last working number, so that the code restarts from the point where it stoped. But it's tedious. Is there a way to tell matlab to do a few basic operations in case of an error and try again, instead of breaking off with an error?

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 24 Sep 2014
Use a try catch to catch the error and respond appropriately to it:
counter = 1;
while counter <= num_loop %if you want to retry the loop, you need to change it into a while loop
%... some code
%some operation that may terminate
catch err
if strcmp(err.identifier, 'whatever identifier is thrown by GMM')
counter = counter - 1; %retry loop
rethrow(err); %some other unexpected error. Better stop
counter = counter + 1;

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Alberto on 24 Sep 2014
You should try to catch the error using the structure try/catch structure:
catch exception
Use Product Help for details


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