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Creating a video from a structure array field

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I am trying to convert a structure array field (mov.cdata) into a video.
mov is a 1×600 struct with 2 fields (cdata and colormap). All of the values of cdata field are uint8 type and has a size of . To convert it into a video, I wrote following code snippet:
wm_video = VideoWriter('Watermarked_video_1.mp4', 'MPEG-4');
for m = 1:nFrames
%img = readFrame(mov(m).cdata);
writeVideo(wm_video, mov(m).cdata);
But I got the following error:
Frames of type double must be in the range 0 to 1.
How can this error be solved?

Accepted Answer

Kshitij Chhabra
Kshitij Chhabra on 14 Oct 2021
From my understanding you are trying to convert a structure array field into a video using the "writeVideo" function. You need to normalise your mov(m).cdata to fit in the range of 0-1 as mentioned in the documentation.
To do the normalization, you can check a previously answered question the community here.
Hope this helps!
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Md. Al-Imran Abir
Md. Al-Imran Abir on 2 Nov 2021
Thanks @Kshitij Chhabra. I have understood solution of such errors. And sorry for being very late to accept the answer.

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