How can I correct the wrong size of a variable (matrix instead of a vector)?

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Loren99 on 12 Oct 2021
Edited: Loren99 on 14 Oct 2021
Hi everyone; I have a problem with this code. My aim is to plot m_app of a cube (6 facets) in function of times, so I would like to have m_app as a vector whose length is the one of the times (41). The problem is that from this code I obtain that m_app is a matrix of dimension 41x41 and I don't know where is the error. Can someone help me? Thanks in advanc

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 12 Oct 2021
Edited: Kevin Holly on 12 Oct 2021
This line here creates a matrix. When one numerical value (n) is entered into the zeros function, it creates a n by n matrix.
m_app = zeros(length(times));
could change it to a vector like this:
m_app = zeros(length(times),1);

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