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Sorting Nested Structures based on Name

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Smith on 21 Oct 2021
Commented: Smith on 21 Oct 2021
Hi all,
I have a code that imports folders full of data files and organizes/processes them based on file type. As it currently works, the data gets organized into a struct that has multiple sub-structs containing measurement data. I need the rows of data sorted by name but have not found a way to get the sub-structs sorted as well.
Currently, the data looks like this when imported:
I'd like to reorder the data so that the rows are sorted by name, but I can only get the main struct sorted this way, not the sub-structs as well. I'm using R2018b if that helps.

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Stephen on 21 Oct 2021
Edited: Stephen on 21 Oct 2021
As far as I can tell, your actual goal is to sort the elements of all structures based on the content of their NAME field.
Assuming that all names have sufficient leading zeros, there are no negatives, decimal fractions, etc, and (within one structure) all values use the same units... then something like this should get you started:
[~,idx] = sort({});
rateshape = rateshape(idx);
for k = 1:numel(rateshape)
[~,idx] = sort({rateshape(k)});
rateshape(k).data = rateshape(k).data(idx);
If there are different units then you could download this:
otherwise if there are insufficient leading zeros or negative/exponent/fractional values then you will need parse the text into numeric.
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Smith on 21 Oct 2021
That worked, thank you! I have a piece of code already that adds the leading zeros so this works perfectly.

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Bryant Lash
Bryant Lash on 21 Oct 2021
You should be able to perform the same code you do on the top level to any beneath it using a for loop.
If you need a solution where you can't assume the search depth, it will be more complex and require recusion.
Example code:
mainStruct = orderfields(mainStruct);
fields = fieldnamse(mainStruct);
for i = 1:size(fields,1)
mainStruct.(fields{i}) = orderfields(mainStruct.(fields{i}));
Smith on 21 Oct 2021
Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology, but I thought that when it shows 1x10 that it was 1 column and 10 rows. In the screenshot above the very first struct shows 1x13, and the second screenshot is of that exact sub-struct, which has 13 rows and one column. The question I had is answered though, thank you for the help.

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