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Is the intlinprog solver a native MATLAB solver ?

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Dane on 2 Oct 2014
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Kind of an odd question, but I have noticed that there is quite a variety of MILP solvers out there and I was wondering if the intlinprog solver was something MATLAB designed for themselves or if it was derived from a 3rd party solver?

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Harshad Deshmane
Harshad Deshmane on 2 Oct 2014
Yes, "intlinprog" is part of the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox. An easy way to check whether a given function is part of MATLAB (or its related products) is to search for it on the documentation page on the MathWorks website. If it is a part of MATLAB, the ribbon just under the search field displays the particular toolbox.
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Dane on 13 Oct 2014
I may not have worded my question as effectively as possible. I have Optimization Toolbox and use the intlinprog function, but I was curious if it was an inhouse solver design or 3rd party design for comparative purposes. Being a relatively recent release I haven't been able to find much in the way of performance comparisons to other widely used MILP solvers. I was hoping to find out if it was happened to be a repackaged 3rd party solver.

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