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Is the intlinprog solver a native MATLAB solver ?
Yes, "intlinprog" is part of the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox. An easy way to check whether a given function is part of MATLAB (o...

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How to add (minor) ticks on loglog plot?
I created a sample "loglog" plot and tried changing the ticks and turning on minor ticks on the y-axis. I followed the approach ...

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Why am i getting an Inf value when i am calculating definite integral in symbolic math toolbox?
I do not think the issue lies in picking the coefficients in "h" from the matrix "nx". I think that the function you are trying ...

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It is a curl error or I am using it wrong?
You might be using the wrong output of the “curl” function to create the mesh plot. Calling “curl” with only one output argument...

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