Why I cannot make the BNO055 fully calibrated?

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Linxin Hua
Linxin Hua on 11 Nov 2021
Commented: Linxin Hua on 12 Nov 2021
Hi all,
I connected an Adafruit BNO055 to the host pc with an Arduino Nano3. I used "MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware" and follow the document "Read and Plot Real-Time Data from BNO055 Sensor in NDOF Mode". When I tried to calibrate the imu, I can never make the system status to 'full' while others (accel, gyro, and mag) are 'full'. Because of that, I cannot use any functions that work in 'ndof' mode as those require a fully calibrated system.
Appreciate for any advice.
Best Regards

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Rohan Kale
Rohan Kale on 11 Nov 2021
Hi Linxin,
Refer to the calibration steps documented at
Once the BNO055 is fully calibrated, you should be able to come out of the while loop in the "Calibrate BNO055 Sensor" section on the page "Read and Plot Real-Time Data from BNO055 Sensor in NDOF Mode"
You may also consider using a longer USB cable to facilitate the calibration process
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Linxin Hua
Linxin Hua on 12 Nov 2021
Hi Kale,
I followed the calibration process and I wrote my own code to monitor the calibration status in realtime (update every second). After at least half hour of calibration, I didn't get the system calibration to 'full'. However, I found that I can easily calibrate BNO055 using Arduino Genuino.
Thanks for your information.

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