How can I plot scatterplot in the UIAxes of App Designer

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I want to plot a scatterplot (from communications toolbox) onto a UIAxes created with App designer.
Scatterplot always opens a new figure, and scatterplot does not support the following syntax:
scatterplot(app.UIAxes, SignalofInterest)
Scatterplot does support
scatfig = scatterplot(__)
but I am not sure how I can place the scatfig handle into a UIAxes of app designer.

Answers (1)

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 11 Nov 2021
Edited: Kevin Holly on 11 Nov 2021
App Designer uses uifigure. I found a way to move the scatterplot from the scatterplot figure to the uifigure.
handle = uifigure;
scatfig = scatterplot(rand(10,1),1,0,'b.')
scatfig.Children(2).Parent = handle %Moves axes from scatterplot figure to uifigure window
You can change the scatterplot axes properies through




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