How to disable automaticlly showing new plot

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Zdrapko on 17 Oct 2014
Answered: Sean de Wolski on 17 Oct 2014
Hi all. I have a program with GUI where i 've an axes object. I am ploting there a data from dsp.AudioRecorder every 1 minute. All the time Matlab is taking me to the GUI window after every plot. It's annoying when i am using console or editor at the same time. How can i disable it?

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 17 Oct 2014
I think it will not bring it to the foreground if you set the figure visibility to 'off'. However, then you can't see it until you turn it back on. So you could maybe turn it off while its running, do your work, then turn it back on later when its done and you want to see it.

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 17 Oct 2014
Rather than plotting a new on each iteration, update the "XData" and "YData" of the already existing plot:

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