Importing .dat file into MATLAB

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xj shang
xj shang on 26 Nov 2021
Commented: xj shang on 26 Nov 2021
I'm trying to import a .dat file (can be downloaded from here) into MATLAB. Currently, i skim a Python code for this purpose in this web site, but I do not have a working knowledge in python. So I would hope there is some way to get rid of this question with MATLAB.
I need your help.
Thank you.

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Jan on 26 Nov 2021
Searching for more information on the given page I've found:
Note: See the PDS JADE SIS Document for more details on the formats.
Remember, that .dat is not a specific format, but just a string for the file extension. Then .dat means a generic non-standard format. This makes is rather unlikely that a reader in this forum can offer the needed tool for importing the file. Then there are two ways to go:
  1. Either install python and call it from Matlab.
  2. Find the "PDS JADE SIS Document" with the exact definition of the format (this is your turn, not the one of the readers in the forum). If the format is trivial, some fread commands will solve the problem. It is is complicated, some more work is required. In case of trouble you could hire a programmer.
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xj shang
xj shang on 26 Nov 2021
Hi Jan, thanks for your suggestion. It's time for me to begin to learn Python.

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