How to start two plots with different origins.

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Working on a problem where we have to plot the trajectory of two projectiles that intercept each other at a given point, and start at two different points on the X Axis. My code has both projectiles starting from 0 but A should start at zero and go in the positive x direction and B should start at 30,000 meters roughly and go in the -x direction. Not sure how to code B so it starts at the 30,000 meter point and goes in the -x direction. I hope that makes sense. Thank you

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Chunru on 29 Nov 2021
p1 = [0 0]; % inital position for object 1
p2 = [2000 0];
v1 = [150 20]; % initial velocity for object 1
v2 = [-80 30]; % negative velocity along x-axis
g = 9.8;
t = (0:.1:10)';
p1_t = p1 + t*v1 + .5*t.^2*[0 -g];
p2_t = p2 + t*v2 + .5*t.^2*[0 -g];
plot(p1_t(:,1), p1_t(:, 2), 'r', p2_t(:,1), p2_t(:, 2), 'b')
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Peter Denardo
Peter Denardo on 29 Nov 2021
Follow up question. For the velocity, you put [150 20]. What is the 20 in this case?

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