Selection for inputs does not have 0 elements nprtool GUI error

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I have trained the network using nprtool gui and now i tried to test the network with new input(7X50001) a and target(hot-enocded)(7X50001) value to check the confusion matrix but for evalation the network, GUI shows that " Selection for inputs does not have 0 elements".
what can be the problem? as before i test the network with kind of data(9X50001) and target values (7X50001)

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 2 Dec 2021
yes,sir,may be ensure the inputlayer dimension,is it 9*x ?
yanqi liu
yanqi liu on 3 Dec 2021
yes,sir,this net is 7 input and 7 output
may be upload the code or mat to do some analysis

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