Error using fileparts with Datastore

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I found an official Matlab tutorial on youtube and tried to rebuild it, but i got a Syntax Error and don't know how to solve it.
The link to the tutorial:
My Code so far
So my question: how can i solve this Error? Why is it working in the Video?
Thank you in advance!
B. Rebmann

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Jan on 9 Dec 2021
[~, filenames] = fileparts(cellstr(ds.Files))
But actually this should work. Which Matlab version are you using? spreadsheetDatastore was introduces in R2016a. I do not remember if fileparts worked with arrays in this version. If not, create your own function to do this:
function [Folder, File, Ext] = filepartsX(FilePath)
FilePath = cellstr(FilePath);
Folder = cell(size(FilePath));
File = cell(size(FilePath));
Ext = cell(size(FilePath));
for k = 1:numel(FilePath)
[Folder{k}, File{k}, Ext{k}] = fileparts(FilePath{k});
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Bartholomäus Jan Rebmann
Bartholomäus Jan Rebmann on 10 Dec 2021
Thank you!
The first solution didn't help, but with the second one i could run the script.
Thank you very much!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 9 Dec 2021
I believe ds.Files returns a cell array or a string array of file names. Support for a cell array of file names or a string array of file names in fileparts was introduced in release R2020b as stated in the Release Notes.
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Bartholomäus Jan Rebmann
Bartholomäus Jan Rebmann on 10 Dec 2021
Alright thank you, then it is probably my version. Thank you

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