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in your LU decomp file exchange, what does the ' character do?

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in the file exchange is an LU decomp example by Timothee called, of course, LU Decomposition. in it is a line that says:
xstar_soln=xstar_soln'; and a second similar statement that says: x_soln=x_soln';
what does the primed character, ', do? is it just another character? what does this statement accomplish? - it seems meaningless, since the primed variable never appears anywhere else in the script.
I am just learning Matlab, and don't know where to find answers to this kind of question.

Answers (1)

Harry on 1 Nov 2014
Edited: Harry on 1 Nov 2014
It is the complex conjugate transpose operator:
Matt J
Matt J on 1 Nov 2014
Diane commented:
Thank you! that explains why it does not work without it!
Jan on 1 Nov 2014
@Diane: Please accept this answer, if it solves your problem. The section for answers should be used for answers only, not for comments to otehr answers. Thanks.

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