How to take output from one program as input in the same?

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I have a program, which shows me the shortest path between two points. From A to B, for example there can be 5 points. The output I get are the coordinates of these 5 points. I need to send these coordinates to a robot that I am building. Is there a possibility where output of the function can be used as an input of another program where in I can calculate the angle the Robot has to turn at each point?
Like I want to calculate the angle at each coordinate without actually typing it. Do I have to do it manually or can the result coordinates can be directly taken as an input for angle calculatrion?
Any help is appreciated, thank you

Accepted Answer

Jan on 19 Dec 2021
Edited: Jan on 19 Dec 2021
Of course this is possible. A trivial example:
function main
[a, b] = thePoints;
alpha = theAngle(a, b);
function [a, b] = thePoints()
a = rand(1, 3);
b = rand(1, 3);
function alpha = theAngle(a, b)
alpha = atan2(vecnorm(cross(a, b)), dot(a, b));
Note that this example uses the output of functions as input for other functions multiple times. Every code, which cannot be solved in a single line takes output of former commands as input to following commands (execpt if the jobs are independent).

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