Does MATLAB have a function to write data / text to a specific field on a website

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I want to write data to a website ( that requires seperate lines of text. I want to test it out first doing one at a time and then switch to the batch file method. Does MATLAB have functions already developed to write to a website in this manner?

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Tanmay Das
Tanmay Das on 28 Dec 2021
You may use the "webwrite" function to write data to a website. You may specify field name and corresponding field value to fill the data in that particular field. Here is an example for your reference:
thingSpeakURL = '';
thingSpeakWriteURL = [thingSpeakURL 'update'];
writeApiKey = 'Your Write API Key';
fieldName = 'field1';
fieldValue = 42;
response = webwrite(thingSpeakWriteURL,'api_key',writeApiKey,fieldName,fieldValue)
Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati on 22 Feb 2022
Hi Stephen,
The Media Type for a structure has to be set to 'json' in the weboptions as you are passing a structure in webwrite function. Please find the below code to write the TestSequence structure as JSON object.
url = '';
TestSequenc.Name = 'TestSequence';
TestSequenceStructure: '(((((.......((((..(((..........))).))))..)))))';
options = weboptions('MediaType', 'application/json');
response = webwrite(httpsUrl, employee, options)

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